Out of a Narrow Block Home

How to get the most out of a narrow Block Home
Most home builders will encourage you to choose a narrow block, especially when you have a limited budget to buy a bigger house. Though there is limited space, narrow block home builders are coming up with new ways and plans to get the most out of narrow block homes.

Open plans

In open plan living, a Interline narrow block home builder Melbourne will combine the kitchen and the living room into an open space. This is a good idea given that such rooms provide social moments for the family members.

Elevated ceilings

Most narrow home builders prefer high ceilings to prevent cramping of the small space in the house. With a high ceiling, the room becomes more spacious. High ceilings also add a sense of visual impression and bring more light in the house.

A master bedroom

The master bedroom should be in a peaceful place where you can rest after a busy day. Narrow home builders prefer a bedroom located at the back of the house with a veranda that opens to the backyards.

External living space

Due to limited space inside, external living space is essential for those who stay in narrow block homes. Narrow home builders will use porches or decking to create extra rooms outside where the family can gather for a chat or a dinner.

Home Closets

Home storage is quite important for home owners. Professional narrow block home builders will construct closets instead of adding more furniture to the already crammed space. The closets can be under the stairs, in the lofts or on the walls.
Never be narrow-minded about narrow home blocks. You can still live comfortably and happily in such homes if you do some designs.

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